Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Ebook Toksikologi (ebooks for Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology)

Introduction to Toxicology, 2002. Third Edition, Jhon Timbrell, Taylor & Francis DOWNLOAD

2.  Antidotes. Robert J. 2001, Flanagan and Alison L Jones, Taylor & Francis.  DOWNLOAD

3.  Fundamental Toxicology, John H Duffus and Howard G.J Worth. RSC Publishing.  DOWNLOAD
4.  Environmental Toxicology, 2002, David A. Wright and Pamela Welbourn, Canbridge University Press.  DOWNLOAD 

5.  Clinical Toxicology, Principles and Mecanism, 2005, Frank A. Barile, CRC Press DOWNLOAD 

6.  Hoffman, R.S., 2007, Goldfrank’s, Manual Toxicology Emergencies, Mc-Graw Hill Companies, New York.  DOWNLOAD

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